About Us

Style Is Eternal, We Don’t Sell Products, We Design Your Dreams!!

Bushirt is a design collective focused on retailing high-quality T-Shirts with designs that provide an ingeniously diverse feel to the creatively conscious, setting the pace of mainstream fashion. We deliver T-shirts with funky graphics, reflecting strongly through imagery, our core values. We are trendsetters, influencing the fashion statement and pushing the boundaries of creativity at a price that would not burn your pocket. If you do not wish to beat around the bush and cut to the chase, check out our range of products; they would make an excellent fashion sense to your unique style quotient. They display all the characteristics you would relate to a normal t-shirt, but they have a distinct feel, a soul, and breathe life with a wild sense of humour. The wide variety of slogans on our t-shirts suit every mood, while the combination of design, texture, colour, and brightness would definitely evoke a reaction. Our website displays tons of t-shirts. Your style is a reflection of your attitude and personality. We will not judge you. Our clothes that you would wish to wear, would enable you to leave your footprints in the sands of time.


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